Okay not really, but the title seemed catchy.  For my GCP I’m hosting a Twitter Chat.  I’m excited about being the host for a newly formed chat that came to life at NCCE 2016!  While I’ve attended Twitter chats, I’ve never been a host.  The session will be Tuesday, May 2nd from 8-9 p.m.  The hashtag will be #nwtosachat. The target audience is not Tech TOSAS, but all TOSAS and other interested educators.  The topic will be “Tech, Not Just a Testing Tool.”  While I didn’t come up with the topic, I will be collaborating on the questions.  The Future Ready TOSAS from Central Kitsap School District and I have a shared Google presentation that we are collaborating through.  I am currently drafting questions, locating a chaser (one who greets and helps), making a list of where to advertise, planning my documentation of the event, and pondering how to provide evidence of its global impact.

How does this connect to ISTE Teacher Standard 1 and 2?  Having participated in the northwest TOSA chat about Innovation, I think the topics explored lend themselves to a model of exploring real world problems (ISTE Teacher Standard 1).  It also models collaborative knowledge construction by engaging colleagues (who may not even know each other, but do similar roles) in conversation (ISTE Teacher Standard 1).  Oftentimes, problems are raised, ideas shared, and solutions found.  All in all, it’s a learning experience for TOSAS created by TOSAS.  It’s an authentic worldwide learning experience meant to develop knowledge, skills, and attitudes via the posing of questions and the resulting conversation and reflection (ISTE Teacher Standard 2).

Image:  Brick 101.  Twitter. (CC BY 2.0)

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