1b Competency & Evidence

One indicator of Visionary Leadership is:

b.  Contribute to the planning, development, communication, implementation and evaluation of technology-infused strategic plans at the district and school levels.

In my district I brought up the idea of a three-year District Technology Timeline to the Executive Director for Student Learning and Instructional Support because the current plan was out-dated.  Based on this, I was asked to contribute to a collaborative spreadsheet that would house this information.  The document now contains infrastructure, device acquisition, and professional development plans for 2016-2019. I have added items, made comments, and been actively involved in the collaborative creation of timelines in this document. In turn, this District Technology Timeline has been shared to the community at the Key Communicator’s Breakfast, the district Technology Committee, and others.  This is a living document that continues to be updated by the Director, the Technology Center leads, and myself.  This is important because it has helped paint a clear picture of the future work in my district and will help me align my professional development to the equipment rollouts. This work shows clearly how I have contributed to the planning, development, communication, and implementation of a strategic technology plan in my district.

Device aquisition clip

The excerpt of the spreadsheet shows the device acquisition plan for 2016-2019 .

Bi-annually, my Director and I are asked to present to the School Board around current technology integration, including a vision for future work and next steps.  I created this video based on conversations with my district’s Curriculum, Assessment, and Technology Director.  This video provided the School Board members the idea that technology integration takes thoughtful planning and follow-through.  It examines and evaluates our district’s readiness and shares where we are in our journey towards comprehensive integration.  This is important because School Board decisions directly impact the strategic plan, including spending, personnel, and programs. In this blog post, Digital Readiness – How Ready Are We?, I reflect further on my conversation with the Director and outline next steps for my district. This video show my ability in evaluating district level technology readiness.