1c Competency & Evidence

One indicator of Visionary Leadership is:

c. Advocate for policies, procedures, programs and funding strategies to support implementation of the shared vision represented in the school and district technology plans and guidelines.

Under indicator 1b, I referenced my advocacy for a written three-year Technology Timeline.  Another opportunity I have, in which to advocate, is during Tech Leadership meetings in my district.  The Technology Leadership meeting is a small group, consisting of the Executive Director for Student Learning and Instructional Support, the Technology Center System Administrator and Junior Administrator, and myself, that meets every Monday morning.  In this meeting, I frequently raise concerns or draw attention to details relating to student or teacher technology implementation.  For example, I advocated for additional classroom walkthroughs before new interactive panels were installed this winter.  With this, I also advocated for clear consistent communication about the installation with teachers and the alignment of professional development classes with the roll-out.  This is important because a lot of funding is often invested in technology rollouts and the vision was not only to replace aging projectors as part of the three-year plan, but that teachers would be able to start integrating them into instruction immediately after winter break.  

Excerpt of tech leadership collaborative project tracking document.

Excerpt of Technology Leadership Meeting collaborative project tracking spreadsheet.

As someone who has provided teacher professional development in the area of technology for 10 years, I am a strong advocate, in my district and region, of district-directed time being allocated to teachers to learn how to better integrate Technology into instruction.  My blog post, 3 Necessities for Successful Technology Integration in the Classroom, speaks to the need for teachers to learn, be guided, and have opportunity to reflect and collaborate.  In my district, in which 7.5 hours of Technology Time is written into the teacher contract, I push my teachers to make use of this opportunity by sending emails, creating funny memes, hosting contests and providing trainings in every format imaginable.  To provide access, online sessions (asynchronously and synchronously), in-person sessions (as early as 6 a.m. on some days), and Saturday classes are offered.  This is important because all teachers need to participate for a shared school or district vision to become reality.

Tech Time newsletter picture

Excerpt of an email sent to all teachers October 2016 about Tech Time Offerings.

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