2a & 2b Competency & Evidence

a.  Coach teachers in and model design and implementation of technology-enhanced learning experiences addressing content standards and student technology standards.

b.  Coach teachers in and model design and implementation of technology-enhanced learning experiences using a variety of research-based, learner-centered instructional strategies and assessment tools to address the diverse needs and interests of all students.

Evidence of my proficiency in these indicators is found in the coaching of one of my middle school social studies teachers.  His interest was increasing student talk in his classroom using NearPod.  Based on that request, I asked him to share his learning standards and we examined his instructional materials together.  With help, he inserted screenshots into NearPod slides and added questions. I had him practice presenting it using the NearPod presentation while I pretended to be the student.  Based on his confidence using technology, I asked if he would like me to co-teach the lesson with him.  The students viewed the screenshot and looked at the question on their screens.  They talked with an elbow buddy and typed individual responses.

Example NearPod screenshot and question.

Nearpod question about Hammurabi’s code.

This lesson incorporated expectation, support and opportunity for participation and meaning making, making it research-based and learner-centered.  The resulting NearPod data provided the teacher evidence of the levels of understanding by all students in written form for formative assessment purposes.

sample of students' written responses

Written responses by students.

Proof of my impact is found in his response to me days later, “Yes, but I want to do more. I want to use technology more.  I liked that I still had some control.”  I asked how he knew he had success.  He said, “Some students that never would do anything talked with a neighbor and wrote about it.  Lori has helped me move to the 20th Century.”