2f Competency & Evidence

One indicator of Teaching, Learning, and Assessment is:

f.  Coach teachers in and model incorporation of research-based best practices in instructional design when planning technology-enhanced learning experiences.

I am proficient in designing research supported learning experiences.  One of the primary reasons I can design well is my knowledge of the features of a great number of technology tools.  However, that is not what makes me special.  What makes me special is that I have categorized these tools in my mind for recall by the type of learning experience they best support. Meaning, when I am coaching a teacher and listening to their needs, I think of what category of tool matches their teaching strategy.  For example, if it is creating student talk/discussion I pull this category to mind.  

Before suggesting tools, I ask probing questions to know more about the teaching strategy.  After this, I am better able to suggest a tool that will match the learning goals. However, more often than not, I ask further probing questions to ascertain what the main student-centered objectives include before suggesting anything.  Together, we discuss to what level technology will provide a true enhancement.

Sample document I created based on a coaching session with an ASL teacher.  The need involved students’ recording themselves based on a teacher provided prompt.  The steps were lengthy so I wrote them out as I tried them out with her students.

This role I take in coaching and design stems from my belief that the coach’s primary purpose is to support the school district’s vision for learning.  You can read more about this in my blogpost, Cut to the Chase.