2h Competency & Evidence

One indicator of Teaching, Learning, and Assessment is:

h.  Coach teachers in and model effective use of technology tools and resources to systematically collect and analyze student achievement data, interpret results, and communicate findings to improve instructional practice and maximize student learning.

My district is a strong proponent of the power of Professional Learning Communities (PLCS).  Teachers are provided time and support to work together- collaborating about what students need to know, how they are going to teach, and what they are planning to do for students who “get it” and students who do not.  In an effort to support teachers in this work, the ELA TOSA and I co-developed three collaborative cloud-based websites for teachers, a separate site for elementary, middle school, and secondary teachers, in which to make all of the documents (instructional resources, unit plans, team data spreadsheets) more accessible.  

My input on this was important because it offered significant improvements over the old system that was in place in 2014-15.  In the old system, the information was housed in at least three applications.  Also, they could not access and edit files simultaneously.  Further, teachers could not access the systems unless they were at school.  In the new system that we brainstormed with teacher leaders and principals, the documents are all in one application suite.  The documents are primarily Google documents and sheets, allowing for synchronous access for viewing and entering of information.  Visibility of data across classrooms is now more efficient and timely because the data, along with all of the other resources, are organized on Google Websites. 

Elementary work site homepage picture

Elementary collaborative website is one-stop “shopping” for teachers.

It is important to note that this work has been a gradual unrushed process with middle school and high school transitioning last year.  The ELA TOSA and I support teachers in learning and using the new system on an on-going basis.  Further changes will be made based on teacher and principal feedback.  This system will also be invaluable to new teachers to our district.  Switching districts, whether you experienced or not, causes stress as teachers must learn new instructional materials and systems.  This work provides a way for new teachers to be more included immediately by having access to content area resources, existing unit plans, and common grade level data.

This project shows my strength and ability to collaborate with others, listen to the needs of others, and use design thinking.  It also shows my capability to work within the district’s adopted infrastructure and systems to find a solution.