3a Competency & Evidence

One indicator of a Digital Age Learning Environment is:

a.  Model effective classroom management and collaborative learning strategies to maximize teacher and student use of digital tools and resources and access to technology-rich learning environments.

One basic, but valuable, way I have helped elementary teachers with classroom management is to provide a template for student login cards and also a generic computer slideshow for them to use in their classrooms.  This provides teachers some structure for having students use the Chromebooks for the first time without having to come up with something on their own.

Excerpt slides from the generic Chromebook presentation teachers can customize.

One way I have worked in relation to maximizing teachers and student use of tools was with a fifth grade team of teachers.  The teachers wanted their students to take notes online if possible, but were not sure what tools were available and appropriate to use.  After listening to the needs from their team leader, I suggested Google Keep.  This was a new tool to all three teachers.  I then offered and scheduled a time to come do a mini lesson with each class.  I modeled how I introduce a tool and its features to students and when, how I have them practice with the tool, and how I have them reflect at the end. This modeling helped teachers and students to understand how the tool would enhance their STEAM Fair project research.  My blog post, Collaborative Whiteboard Tool Review, speaks to this.


Another lens I have developed in relation to rich learning opportunities and technology tools, is the idea of adding SAMR to the Tech Tool Checklist.  Meaning, is the tool simply a substitution of a task or does the tool augment or redefine the learning.  Read more about this in my blog post, Add SAMR to Your Tech Tool Checklist.

Another part of my proficiency in this indicator is that I recognize that maximizing teacher and student use of technology tools is also perceiving and managing the distraction it can provide.  Mindfulness is an important concept to teach both teachers and students. In my blogpost, Engagement is Important, but Mindfulness is More, I share my thinking about how this can be accomplished.