3e Competency & Evidence

One indicator of a Digital Age Learning Environment is:

e.  Troubleshoot basic software, hardware and connectivity problems common in digital learning environments.

For ten years, I have created videos, short written tutorials, and pamphlets to help my teachers and other educators troubleshoot software, hardware, and connectivity issues.  I am particularly proud of the pamphlet on interactive panels, doc cams, and microphones that I created for the Substitute Teacher training in late winter 2017.  Most of my help documents are delivered electronically.  So substitute teachers could study the document and carry it with them, this document was printed and also made available electronically.  It shows my organized and visual way of communication, thoroughness to detail, and ability to predict plausable additional needs.

I have also shown advocacy and collaboration in relation to teacher satisfaction in this indicator.  New equipment (audio system, doc cam, SMART interactive panel, and docking stations) was installed in the classrooms of two schools around Christmas break 2016-2017.  Based on some intermittent issues with the installers and the number of classrooms involved, I created more than one Google form (one a month in and one three months in) to survey needs.  I did this in an effort to ensure all teachers would have working equipment free of issues.  Further, I wanted our district to be free of issues, for years to come, if possible.  I worked collaboratively on this.  I drafted the questions orally with the Technology Center System Administrator and then created the digital form.  He looked at the form before I sent it out and then I shared the spreadsheet data back to the department so issues could be addressed.

Example of data from survey.

Pie graph data from the teacher survey.