3g Competency & Evidence

One indicator of a Digital Age Learning Environment is:

g.  Use digital communication and collaboration tools to communicate locally and globally with students, parents, peers and the larger community.

There are many tools available for teachers to use for digital communication and collaboration.  One tool that I recommend is called SeeSaw. It has an excellent privacy policy, is intuitive and reliable to use, and works on both iPads and Chromebook. This was an important consideration because my pre-school through first grade teachers have iPads and may teachers second grade up have Chromebooks.  I offer in-person sessions and an online course in SeeSaw.  Through their teachers account, students can communicate using drawing, writing, and/or video to their parents about that they are learning at school.  Parents can then choose to share this further if they wish.  This is important because it works similar to other real world applications.  For example, you can receive Facebook updates from friends at any time.  This is similar.  If teachers use SeeSaw, parents do not have to wait until the end of the day to learn what there child has learned during the day.  Two-way on going communication is very important.  Read more about my belief on this in my blog post, Parent Communication Tool Review.

Front page of the online SeeSaw course.

Front page of the online SeeSaw course for teachers.

On a regular basis, I also also encourage teachers to use Skype or Google Hangout to talk to subject area experts and authors.

Ever since I first saw a teacher librarian Skype Kenn Nesbitt, I've shared about it.

Ever since I first saw a teacher librarian Skype Kenn Nesbitt, I’ve shared about it.

Current Project 1
I am currently working with six, fifth grade, students to develop videos about how to use Google Classroom.   These videos will be available for other teachers to use to introduce students, as well as parents to this tool that is highly used in my district.  This should help to answer some questions that parents frequently have about Google Classroom.

Current Project 2
I am also working on a joint project with the Communication Manager and ELA TOSA.  I am teaching our teachers and administrators how to record summer book talks using YouTube.  The goal is to increase awareness and communication about the importance of reading over the summer by posting these recorded videos on our district’s Facebook account.  This is important because it communicates on a global scale our dedication to supporting our students year round.

In this picture I am showing teachers where to the reference the steps for recording with YouTube live.

In this picture I am showing teachers where to the reference the steps for recording with YouTube live.

Current Project 3
As a member of our STEAM Fair planning committee, I am helping coordinate the details for a spring 2018 district-wide STEAM Fair.  I have experience coordinating community events.  I co-coordinated a district-wide Technology Fair in my former district of 18,000 students for seven years.  All 26 schools were represented.  As part of putting on this event, I chaired the Technology Challenge were teams of students came together to compete against one another.  As a result of this work, we presented Hosting a Technology and Art Fair at the local Education Service District office (ESD 121) in March 2012.  This is important work because the community needs the opportunity to come and see what students are learning and how their tax dollars are being used.  It is also a great time to celebrate everyone’s handwork, teachers and students.

Cover slide for our regional ESD presentation.

Elementary students pose after winning the Technology Challenge!

Elementary students pose after winning the Technology Challenge!