4a Competency & Evidence

One indicator of Professional Development and Program Evaluation is:

a.  Conduct needs assessments to inform the content and delivery of technology-related professional learning programs that result in a positive impact on student learning.

The graduate program reinforced my belief that seeking out and listening to teacher voice (teachers opinions, ideas, and suggestions) is valuable.  My best example of soliciting input for a professional learning program is my Teacher Technology survey.  This survey, creating in Google forms, asks how teachers use technology personally and with students, what they are interested in learning and their preferences for attending professional development sessions.    I first used this when I came to White River three years ago.  This is important to use at the onset of a program so you can tailor the offerings to meet the needs and availability of the participants.  This impacted student learning by making the content relevant to what teachers were trying to do in their classroom, and at times and in formats they wanted to attend.

Another smaller way, I have conduct needs assessment assessments on a regular basis is at the beginnings of professional development sessions.  While this is not exactly for an overall program, it affects the effectiveness of the overall program.  By checking in along the way, the content is kept relevant and on point with teacher needs.  I share about this thinking in my blog post, Get Started, Get Better.