4b Competency & Evidence

One indicator of Professional Development and Program Evaluation is:

b.  Design, develop and implement technology-rich professional learning programs that model principles of adult learning and promote digital age best practices in teaching, learning and assessment.

I design professional development sessions every day as part of a larger program.  I also present regularly at conferences and at request. When I do this, I think about a progression of learning that allows for practice between sessions and consistently meets adult learning theory practices.  In this blog post, PD Planning Through My Eyes, I reflect on the time frame conundrum we come across as we plan professional development in schools districts.  It reveals the careful planning, metacognitive thinking, and intentionality I used when planning any PD session.

An example conference presentation.

In this program, I also learned about best practices beyond adult learning theory.  For example, teachers need to be discerning users of the resources available on the Internet.  In this blog post, Digital Education Resources: The Ultimate Free Puppy, I share the metacognitive thinking that needs to take place in a teacher’s head.  A next step for me is to create a checklist to help teachers to know what questions to definitely ask themselves.

Though some reading for this program, I learned that I often follow a whole+part+whole format in making the learning active and engaging.  In this blog post, Breaking Down Adult Learning- Whole+Part +Whole, I open my eyes to this notion and take on a deliberate and reflective analysis of what I thought about as I planned a SAMR Framework PD course.

Picture of the SAMR online course framework.

The SAMR online course doubles as a resource site for teachers.

Something I was able to explore during this program was the idea of technology training for substitute teachers.  In January 2017, I provided my district’s first substitute teacher technology training.  In this blog post, A Case for High Anxiety, I reflect and share some suggestions about the trepidation substitute teachers deal with on a daily basis.

Substitute teachers uses technology.

Substitute teachers worked in small groups to complete 3 challenges.