6b Competency & Evidence

One indicator of Content Knowledge and Professional Growth is:

b.  Engage in continuous learning to deepen professional knowledge, skills, and dispositions in organizational change and leadership, project management and adult learning to improve professional practice.

To engage in continuous learning I am a part of multiple Professional Learning Networks.  The Regional Tech TOSA group is an in-person one of which I am a member.  I am actually a founding member of this group that was established in March 2012.  I choose to attend the monthly optional day-long meetings to strengthen my professional knowledge, tech skills, disposition, project management, and professional development skills by learning and talking with other Tech TOSAS who have my role in other districts.  I text or email weekly with at least one member of this group.

Another Professional Learning network I participate in is the Puget Sound EdCamp. I have been part of the planning team for a number of years. We coordinate an Edcamp in May and November each year for regional educators.   One of my main roles during the Edcamp is to facilitate the creation of sessions from the participants suggestions.  I add these sessions directly to a Google Slide which is accessible throughout the day via web address or QR code.  Though this group, I met a number of educators that I continue to collaborate with between EdCamps. EdCamp is a great way to meet other passionate educators.   Through this network, I was contacted by Hadley Ferguson, Executive Director the EdCamp Foundation, and had an opportunity to co-facilaite an EdCamp at the Gate Foundation in Seattle, WA with her.

The EdCamp Planning Team (November 2014).

The Planning Team launching the day.

Sample participant created breakout session slide.

Participant created breakout session slide that I helped faciliate (May 2015).

I am also a co-moderator for the Google+ Washington Education Group.  This online PLN also assists me in strengthening my professional knowledge, tech skills, and professional development skills by connecting with other passionate and knowledgable users of Google Apps for Education.  My participation in this group varies by projects and interests expressed by my teachers and students.  I feel these involvements are diverse and I think that is important.  Read my blog post, Pack the Essentials to learn more about why I think a balance of PLN involvement is necessary.

This blog post, What is Essential in Professional Development? shows how my content knowledge around professional development and adult learning has evolved as part of this program.  The later part of the post speaks to my passion for getting to know participants needs rather than jumping into content as I might have done before.

Further evidence of my continuous desire to learn about adult learning in relation to professional development is found in my passion for my current professional reading, Train Smart by Rich Allen.  It consists of a five pillar model for the professional development session accompanied by 25 key concepts that can be incorporated into any session.  I found this book so interesting that I read the first 50 pages without stopping. This not only shows my love of reading, but that I love to learn!