6c Competency & Evidence

One indicator of Content Knowledge and Professional Growth is:

c.  Regularly evaluate and reflect on their professional practice and dispositions to improve and strengthen their ability to effectively model and facilitate technology-enhanced learning experiences.

This graduate program provided me many opportunities for regular self-evaluation and reflection.  This blog post, How I Intend to Improve My Game, captures how I want to grow in application of the coaching standards. It shows my complexity of thinking, my consideration of “the why”, and the audience teacher and student in the reflection process.

One of the best ways that I receive feedback to regularly reflect on is through exit slips from my professional development sessions.  For example, my online courses exit slips provide me information on the delivery, format, and the content.  Based on this feedback, I read and reflect on the feedback, contact participants if it makes sense, make changes or updates to the course.


On March 25, 2016 I co-facilitated a workshop called A Potpourri of Resources for Technology Coaches at the Northwest Council of Computer Education (NCCE) conference in Seattle.  I would call this a superior example of my ability to evaluate and reflect because it was actually a session co-designed that I co-created to cause other Tech Coaches to evaluate and reflect.  In the session participants each built a pie graph on how they devote their time, shared their findings with others, and collaborated about ideas of how they could improve and strengthen their abilities.

NCCE presentation cover slide

NCCE Presentation Cover Slide

NCCE conference reflection slide 2

Slide for individually reflection about their graph.

NCCE conference reflection slide 1

Slide to prompt collaborative reflection with peers.

NCCE presentation slide to challenge thinking

Presentation slide to challenge current thinking.