The tool I’m trying out for my resolution of this week’s question is Lino.  One difficulty is imbedding the whiteboard canvas in my blog.  It just refuses to size correctly even with a lot of tweaking to the html code.   All in all, the use of Google Keep and Blogger were found to be great tool for having students provide evidence of their research, exploration, and resolution of a self-constructed question.  As seen above, students were excited and appreciative of learning about the Google Keep tool.  In relation to the SAMR model, the tools were more than substitution.  They allowed for innovation that can’t be completed via paper, such as linking, sharing, imbedding of photos, simultaneous note-taking on the same card, and direct export into Google Docs.  Both tools also strongly met the ISTE student standards 2, 3, 4, and 5.

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