SPU bPortfolio

You might be wondering, “what is a bPortfolio?”   A bPortfolio is a blog portfolio.  This bPortfolio is my documented evidence of my SPU Digital Leadership graduate program learning.

How is it organized?  I set up a separate webpage for each of the six International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Coaching Standards.  Each webpage contains a screencast I created about what I think is most important to remember, understand, and put into practice in relation to that standard.

Below the video, on each ISTE Standard page, are separate web-links for the indicators (sub components) of that ISTE Coaching Standard.  Some ISTE Standards have as little as three indicators and some have as many as eight indicators.  On each Indicator page, I have posted my evidence of application and competency in relation to that indicator.

Thank you for visiting my bPortfolio.  Questions and comments are welcome!