6a Competency & Evidence

One indicator of Content Knowledge and Professional Growth is:

a.  Engage in continual learning to deepen content and pedagogical knowledge in technology integration and current and emerging technologies necessary to effectively implement the ISTE Student Standards and ISTE Teacher Standards.

At year nine of being a district Technology Coach, I decided to enroll in Seattle Pacific University’s Digital Leadership program.  While I had experience implementing the ISTE Standards for students and for teachers, I intentionally chose to deepen my knowledge through two years of further in-depth study.  Evidence of this deepening of knowledge is shown in my Agency is Paramount blog post.  In this post, I go beyond day-to-day typical instructional reflection and instead reflect deeply on what online experiences students should have had before they leave high school.  I believe this shows my intention at a systems level rather than classroom level. 

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Deepening of my teacher and student knowledge is also found in my Fostering a Future Ready District blog post.  It discusses goals that have developed from my graduate program learning, such as transitioning teachers to more student-centric environments and students having opportunity to solve real-world problems.

Evidence of my learning in regard to current and emerging technologies can by found in my evaluation of tools in my blogs posts, Is Peachjar Peachy? and Is Turn it In Dreamy?  My approach in these two posts show my ability to look closely at current and emerging technologies from the important perspectives teachers, students, and families.  My newer insights into how multiple tools can come together is presented in my blog post, Digital Tools Abound.   This shows the breadth of my content knowledge and ability to make them work together.