5c Competency & Evidence

One indicator of Digital Citizenship is:

c.  Model and promote diversity, cultural understanding and global awareness by using digital age communication and collaboration tools to interact locally and globally with students, peers, parents and the larger community.

In the graduate program I completed a Global Collaborative Project (GCP).  I chose to do my project with other TOSAS, some which I knew before starting and some that I did not know.   By preparing for, hosting, and reflecting on a Twitter chat, I brought approximately 20 people of the larger community of TOSAS and Tech TOSAS together to collaborate.  This chat on May 2, 2016 brought awareness to the impact of state assessments on authentic technology integration. This is more fully explained in my blog post, I’m Going to Be a Twitter Chatterbox! and in the Projeqt presentation (embedded below) I created.

In this program I came to realize that global collaboration and communication is not only about the how and the why.  I reflect on what makes up a district culture that promotes global classroom collaboration toward the end of my blog post, Agency is Paramount.  As application of this learning, I regularly collaborate with my Tech Leadership team to ensure that teachers have access to the necessary and robust tools to collaborate locally and globally.

Another way that I model and promote global awareness is through the annual co-hosting of The Google for Education Seattle Summit in partnership with App Events of the United Kingdom.  Hosting the event, in my region, at my district was my idea in May 2014.  As I was switching districts at the time, I was not sure if I could make the idea come to fruition.  Now, three years later we are our way to hosting the 3rd Annual Google for Education Seattle Summit in September 2017!  The first year, 25 of my educators were involved and the second year, over 40 attended. My district’s students are also involved as volunteers at this conference.  My work on this event is important for many reasons.  Related to diversity, cultural understanding and global awareness, this events allows the over 50+ districts that attend to hear and share ideas with national, international, and local educators.  These connections continue after the conference via Twitter and other digital avenues.  Going Global with Google Hangouts,  Virtual Reality and Google Expeditions, and Google Fusion Tables and Climate Change Education are a few examples of specific global focused sessions in the 2015 and 2016 Seattle Summit offerings.

Google Summit promotional ad

3rd Annual Seattle Google Summit promotional ad.

2015 Summit Agenda Global example

2015 Summit Agenda Global Emphasis Example.